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Mayari's Voyage - Private Chef, Small Events Services

Culinary creations that take you on a tour of delightful and exotic flavors

Our farm-to-table cuisine utilizes fresh, local ingredients with a focus on creating dishes that are wholesome and comforting. We have fashioned a unique cooking style that is inspired by the French, Spanish and Mediterranean classics influenced by what’s available locally or from her Latin American roots.

Our Difference

Offering a variety of cooking and catering services

Private Chef Services

Preparing and serving a 3 – 5 course meal in your home, creating an exceptional dining experience for your family or entertaining guests.

Meal Prep Services

Cooking and delivering healthy meals that meet specific dietary needs when your family is too busy to cook.

Small Event Catering

Preparing and serving food and beverages for an event you are hosting with 10 – 50 guests.

With every type of service, Chef Mayari works with you to create a menu or plan a meal that is personalized for you, your family or your guests and your particular palate, diet or nutritional needs. She can easily accommodate clients with special diets, such as gluten-free, lactose-free and low sodium diets, and she has a repertoire of meal choices for vegans, vegetarians and meat-lovers alike.

Chef Mayari is trained and experienced in many different types of cuisines, which allows her to be flexible and creative with flavors and food preparation. With her extensive wine knowledge and skills in creating specialty cocktails, she can advise you on the perfect beverage pairing for each course or meal.

Whether you are feeding your family, hosting guests in your home or planning to host a small event, Chef Mayari offers a unique and fun food and beverage experience using high-quality, fresh and locally sourced ingredients and served with her big smile, easy laughter and warm heart.

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