Food Rut, La Cura

Food Rut, La Cura

Let’s get into it. So over the past few weeks I have been talking to a lot of different people on zooms, and social media who have been saying ” I am in a food rut, do you have any recommendations?”

A rut is pattern or behavior repeated so often that it has become unproductive.

So how do we fix this? Start adding something new. Easier said than done right? It doesn’t have to be, a small step is a step, and that is all we are going for right now.

  1. Start eating herbs. Put parsley, mint, fresh thyme in your food. Parsley is great in top of soups, potatoes, rice and goes great with both fish and beef. Just these leaves raw as a garnish on top of your plate before serving adds a new level of flavor much needed as we exit winter and enter spring.
  2. Eat a fruit for breakfast instead of cereal, oatmeal, eggs or whatever your go too is. We are trying to break a pattern right. First thing in the morning before coffee, drink a glass of water and eat your favorite fruit. Right now strawberries are in the grocery stores here in New England, grab an apple, banana, grapes something. Switching to a fruit jump starts your metabolism, improving your digestion and wakes up your brain far better than coffee. Save coffee or caffeinated tea for that needed mid morning boost around 11 am.
  3. Add something spicy like jalapeños, Fresno chilis or red pepper flakes! Simple way to surprise your pallet (and brain),
  4. Add citrus to your grains, pasta, or what ever products you use for carbs. Lime zest, lemon zest, orange zest are all delicious and tiny bursts of flavor to elevate your daily plates example-Cilantro lime zest rice with chicken/ orange zest penne pasta with tomato and pork/, yummm have fun with it!
  5. Pick one new recipe a week to try. One new recipe a week for 1 month will embolden you the next month!

Any of these tidbit above will help you with your winter-covid-food rut. All right readers, that is all for this week. let me know what you have done to get out off of your food treadmill, connect with me on Twitter or leave a comment.

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