Prepared Meal Service

Caring for Yourself and Loved Ones is Made Simple with Meals by Mayari

We understand that eating right is sometimes straight up inconvenient. Our mission is to bring delicious seasonal, and balanced meals to you so that you can focus on the bigger picture.

Our prepared meals are just right for those looking to have portioned meals ready at a moment’s notice. Our containers are microwave safe making them perfect for taking them to work as lunch, or to warm up as soon as you get home from a long day. 

Our seasonal menu supports all types of dietary needs while keeping the body in tune with nature. Science has proven consuming seasonal produce supports the body by getting you the proper nutrients according to your environment. 

Grilled Pork Chops
Shrimp Bowl with Rice
Pork Chops with Zucchini
Chick Peas Rice Bowl
Chopped Salad with Corn

Meals by Mayari’s Prepared Meals Service provides:

  • A broad menu of meal options that updates monthly and weekly.
  • Meals using ingredients from local farms and food providers, so you know the food is fresh, high quality and supports the local economy.
  • Assistance and advice with meal and menu planning.
  • Scratch made meals ensures quality and flexibility.
  • Personalized food preparation that meets your dietary needs and culinary preferences (for example, low sodium, gluten-free, or vegan).
  • Accommodations for allergies to lactose, wheat, nuts, etc. or medically recommended diets.
  • Delivery of prepared meals to your home with instructions for warming and reheating.

With Chef Mayari’s Prepared Meals Service, you have the flexibility of choosing from a variety of meal types:

  • Classic dishes such as French onion soup, Chicken Piccata,Lasagna and Mushroom risotto all with Mayari’s creative touch.
  • Grain Bowls such as barley with roasted vegetables.
  • Casseroles, multi-layered dishes and meals served family-style.  

Whether you are looking for meals that are more delicious or wholesome, or seeking ways to reduce the stress of weekly meal planning, Chef Mayari takes the time to plan and prepare exactly what your family wants and will make you feel good inside.

Cream of Broccoli with Bacon

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How it works

  • Visit our order form every week. 
  • Choose from the current menu or type in off menu requests.
  • Delivery will happen on your chosen day of Wednesday or Sunday.


  • Essential Pack – 3 meals a week OR 12 meals a month
  • Rhythmic Pack – 5 meals a week OR 20 meals a month
  • Habitual Pack – 7 meals a week OR 28 meals a month


  • Essential: $55 per week; $220 per month
  • Rhythmic: $88 per week; $352 per month
  • Habitual: $121 per week; $484 per month

Tax not included

Delivery service happens Wednesdays and Sundays. Delivery is included to the following:

Marlborough, Northborough, Hudson, Southborough, Framingham, Shrewsbury, Worcester, Natick

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