Summer Endings

end of summer

Ahh summer, we leave our homes, hopefully get a tan, drink some water and spend needed time outside just being. Naturally, enjoying seasonal fruits and veggies like corn, berries and tomato is an essential part of summer time that most of us don’t do enough of during the rest of the year

Then, September comes around and we start the process.

The process of critically looking at our lives and making lists, plans, schedules, and returning to our “winter eating habits”.

This is reason #1 for Meals by Mayari

During my restaurant days, I noticed the ebbs and flows of orders. When butternut squash ravioli orders skyrocketed and fresh caprese orders sank. This got my wheels turning and made me dig. Why do we eat the way we do? Is it emotions? Marketing? I realized it’s a little bit deeper that that, it’s nature.

Yes, us humans are apart of nature and have our own yearly cycles. Even though modern society has made it harder for us to access this consciously it’s written still in the food choices we make.

We want apple cider in September because that is apple season! That may seem obvious to some but to me, revolutionary. Our bodies still remember that eating what is in season, is what prepares us for the next one.

And so I designed Meals by Mayari and the Prepared Meals Service to be built around seasonal eating. Our ever changing menu provides a more nutrient dense meal. If you eat apples in September, you build up enough phytonutrients and antioxidants in your system to sustain you, while consuming high oxidative stress foods that are abundant the winter. All part of the balance of nature.

This is what I love

I love making seasonal dishes and challenging myself as a chef to cook what nature has provided for us. If this sounds like something that interests you and you want to learn more about how seasonal eating will benefit you then contact us and check out out Current Menu.
Looking forward to making you some apple chutney this month,
~ Mayari 

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