why seasonal cuisine?

It’s Art

A question I often get asked is what is your favorite kind of food to make? Or what is your cuisine?

I think that these questions are kind of funny. Do we ask painters what is their favorite color? Musician what is there favorite note? No, because we understand that a painter needs all of the colors, a musician needs multiple combinations of notes to create music.

I view cooking the exact same way. Of course just like any other art you must be trained, and have discipline in one particular style to be able to acquire the proper skills. Once the skills are in your tool set, you really begin to experience the freedom of the art form. Like the great Jack Nicholson said in the film Witches of Eastwick,

“Discipline is the foundation of passion. Passion with out discipline,becomes chaos”.

Daryl Van Horne- Jack Nicholson

It’s Expansive

After honing my skills at culinary school, I spent time bouncing around learning different disciplines. I spent a few years in the baking and pastry world making cakes, croissants, all types of pies and baked goods. Cooked large banquet style catering, Mediterranean and middle eastern cuisines walked over to fine Italian and finally fry cook. My intense interest in all things hospitality led to me to beverages. I have a level 1WSET ( although I am hoping to achieve more) which is an international wine certification along with my beer brewer certification.

From all of the disciplines one thing has always remained true both in life and in food. If it’s not in season it’s going to cost you. Kind of like the right guy/wrong time dilemma-food and beverages consumed out of season leaves you wanting.

Wine, beer, produce, and proteins all have a season, can you believe it? I couldn’t, I thought that everything was just available all of the time. It turns out, that even our drinks have a proper season which when studying wine and beer really made me stop and think.

When the opportunity came to open my own business and cook the food I wanted- immediately I knew it was going to be an ever changing seasonal menu.

It’s for you

Seasonal cuisine allows me to blend my skills from all the disciplines I learned over the years. It allows you to enjoy food that is more flavorful and nutrient rich. It exposes you to different cooking techniques, and grants your body the best of the moment in time you are living in.

Nourishment through seasonal eating is my jam! I strongly believe that we can get almost all of the nutrients we need by eating well balanced meals made with seasonal ingredients and proper cooking techniques. It is my desire to create these meals for you and have fun while doing it!

Until next time, Mayari.

If you would like to learn more about seasonal eating and how it can benefit you contact us today and chat with Chef Mayari on creating a prepared meal plan that works for you.

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